Daniel Negreanu Reveals New POY Strategy for 2019 WSOP

With a goal of making a run for the POY title at the 2019 WSOP, Daniel Negreanu laid out a few details with regard to the strategy that he will employ at the poker tables this summer at the Rio.

By: Charles Rettmuller

That strategy includes playing more events with lower buy-ins than the PokerStars ambassador has typically played in previous years in order to take advantage of a WSOP POY point scoring system that Negreanu says is skewed in favor of min-cashes in smaller buy-in events with larger fields.

"It has become virtually impossible, and I would say pretty close to impossible, to win Player of the Year playing the schedule that I was playing," Daniel stated on a recent DAT Poker Podcast.

Years past have found KidPoker predominantly favoring $10K buy-in events where the vast majority of the field are professional poker players. A deep run in such a tournament, such as the 13th place finish in $10K Limit Hold'em among 120 entrants in 2017 that Daniel recorded, awards comparable POY points to that of a min-cash in a small buy-in, large field event like the $565 Colossus that attracts hordes of rec players.

With the POY points system structured as it is, Negreanu is preparing to enter as many tournaments as he can, with an emphasis on the smaller buy-in events.

So confident is he of racking up cashes under this strategy that Daniel offered to lay even money of up to $5 million that he'll finish in the money at least 15 times at the 2019 WSOP.

KidPoker mentioned another positive regarding this year's strategy that will find him up against a lot more casual players than he's been accustomed to. He will be able to get away from "the high roller environment" and get more in touch with the players who frequent lower buy-ins and are a part of the majority.

"I actually think it might be fun to sort of get to know kind of a different group of people during the World Series," Daniel said.

The WSOP POY award was initiated in 2004. Negreanu won it that year and also in 2013.


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