partypoker Diamond Club Elite Tier Soon to Welcome "SunnyBooy"

The prestigious Diamond Club Elite level of the partypoker VIP program will soon welcome the arrival of its second member as SunnyBooy is quickly closing in on $200,000 in rake.

By: Charles Rettmuller

Last we checked, the SPINS grinder's rake total was at $195,306.54, putting him on the brink of reaching the milestone and collecting rewards befitting a player that can rake $200K in less than three months.

Those rewards include 60% cashback, a free entry into the $10,300 MILLIONS Online, a VIP package worth $16,000 to the Caribbean Poker Party in The Bahamas, and additional VIP perks at partypoker LIVE events. Oh, and let's not forget the $20,000 cash bonus.

SunnyBooy's imminent entry into DCE territory will double the size of Diamond Club Elite membership, "sp0ubledy" arriving before him just a couple of weeks ago. Additional bonuses for being first included $100,000 in cash and 100% cashback thru January 2020.

Trailing SunnyBooy and currently favored to be the third SPINS DC Elite member is "arianaGrande7" whose current rake total sits at $130,501.77. Honorable mention goes to "iRYtElFHABOT" ($45,630.00) and "Jossel2008" ($35,740.34), who also have their eyes on the prize that partypoker has reserved for its most loyal players.

sp0ubledy $216,384.78
SunnyBooy $195,306.54
arianaGrande7 $130,501.77
iRYtElFHABOT $45,630.00
Jossel2008 $35,740.34

Still to be decided is the rake race on the cash game tables for the first partypoker DCE member. The rewards are identical to those won by sp0ubledy - the $100,000 cash bonus and 100% cashback, in addition to the MILLIONS Online ticket and CPP package awarded to all who reach the Diamond Club Elite plateau.

"I_AGAINST_ALL" is the odds-on favorite with nearly $100,000 in rake at the moment. Here are the current cash game DCE standings:

I_AGAINST_ALL $97,365.13
greenforest303 $48,064.31
esp188 $43,898.54
flsh2013 $43,759.20
yungmanco $42,392.09

There's a tight rake race on the SPINS tables of the partypoker .eu market where making it to DC Elite land within a year seems a formidable challenge. But a few players appear ready to make a go of it. Take a look at the top three:

fr_FrenchMoney €38,110.36
pe_Educ4p0ker €36,104.12
pe_jesustabakko €23,761.69



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