Sporty50 and RagingTebow Take Top Honours in Global Poker’s Sunday Majors

It was another busy day at the tables for Global Pokers Sunday grinders, and as usual the Teaser and Scrimmage events took pride of place over the Easter weekend as the regs and visitors chased SC$75k in guarantees and bragging rights too of course…

By: Andrew Burnett

Let’s start with the US-facing site’s extremely popular Sunday Scrimmage for a change, the SC$218 buy-in evening major tournament that had a pleasingly mirrored 218 runners, and the no small matter of SC$50k up for grabs.

The 36 who would make the money were assured of SC$375, but as always there was a fierce battle to make the final table, where 4- and 5-figure cashes awaited…

Michigan grinder JoeyTheFinger has one of the best nicknames in the game, although we may never know if he’s really a mob hitman or just an everyday Joe who loves poker! In any event, Joey took an excellent 9th place for SC$975.

Next to fall was a visitor from the north, Ontario’s LegitChief who bagged SC$1250 for the deep run, and pretty soon we were down to a final 5 chasing the title and over SC$10k for top spot…

Coldbrew held on to that lead for a while, watching fellow Nevadan Poiuyt fall in 4th spot for a very decent payout of SC$4250, and when Maryland’s Swingline21 hit the rails in 3rd spot we were heads-up for the Scrimmage title…

Texan reg Sporty50 provided the opposition for Coldbrew and, with the blinds rising, a flush draw against top pair on the flop was guaranteed to get all the chips in the middle…

An excellent result for both players, Sporty50 taking the title and SC$10,200 while ColdBrew can be happy with an excellent showing and SC$7500 for second spot.

1 Sporty50  SC$10,200.00
2 ColdBrew  SC$7,500.00
3 Swingline21 SC$5,650.00
4 Poiuyt  SC$4,250.00
5 Scurrdaddy  SC$2,900.00
6 Pinkulpoker  SC$2,250.00
7 Timmy123  SC$1,750.00
8 LegitChief  SC$1,250.00
9 Joey The Finger SC$975.00

Earlier in the afternoon the Sunday Teaser had kicked off, with exactly 200 runners and $SC25,000 waiting to be shared out among the lucky and the skilful, the one who combined both the best looking at a top prize of SC$5100.

As ever, it was a mix of players from all over the US who were vying for the Teaser title and trophy, the final table evidence of Global Poker’s reach, with states from New York to Nevada represented.

Illinois’ Okkkayyy was the first to bag a four-figure score, 6th place worth SC$1125 and BadBeat2000 from New York may be considering a name-change, falling in 5th for an otherwise excellent SC$1450.

When it came down to the wire, it was Nevada’s Poiuyt - who was having an amazing day with 4th in the Scrimmage as we saw above – battling Arizonan RagingTebow for top honours.

When the latter prevailed in the mano-a-mano struggle, it was $SC5100 and the trophy heading to Arizona, with Poiuyt adding another SC$3750 to his day’s wage packet for a fine runner-up result..

1 RagingTebow SC$5,100.00
2 Poiuyt  SC$3,750.00
3 Jimmyzz  SC$2,825.00
4 Icallseat10  SC$2,125.00
5 Badbeat2000 SC$1,450.00
6 Okkkayyy  SC$1,125.00
7 Spirit101  SC$875.00
8 El_Fap0 SC$625.00
9 Birdbmb  SC$487.50



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