Jungleman - The Ultimate Online Poker Beast

In a situation that saw Dan Bilzerian boast that he has won more at the poker tables than his fellow Daniel, the legendary Dan Cates, it is probably time to take a look at just how much of a crusher Jungleman actually was – and still is!

By: Andrew Burnett

It’s hard to believe it’s just a tad over a decade since the Maryland-born pro hit the online highstakes scene with a vengeance, having done the usual micro-stakes to bust to winner apprenticeship that marks almost all poker legends.

Cates is a true student of the game, judiciously picking apart opponent’s’ playing styles and using his aggressive style to attack weaknesses, and across a range of No Limit, Pot Limit and Limit variants.

A live career that has seen him win over $6million in tournaments and countless more in the biggest cash games from Vegas to Macau, Jungleman Dan has also taken on the best in the online game with the same fearless attitude.

He was among the first to step up and accept Tom Dwan’s ‘Durrrr Challenge’ – winning a massive $1.2million over 20,000 hands before Black Friday struck and the Full Tilt match-up fell apart.

Ok, so speaking of Full Tilt, how did Cates fare on the legendary poker site under his nickname jungleman12..?

That $10,270,847 profit alone puts Cates at number 3 in the all-time online cash game rankings just behind Patrik Antonius, both men however trailing Phil Ivey by a vast amount.

Cates may not have matched the $million online pots that Antonius, Isildur and ‘durrrr’ have on their resumes, but regular six-figure pots mark his hand history, and more often than not he was on the winning side of thing - the following against the Flying Finn his biggest on record…

Cates, of course, also plays under the moniker w00ki3z on PokerStars, starting out just after Black Friday hit and – after a rocky start – topping the $1million profit milestone several times…

No Limit Hold’em features more heavily in his biggest PokerStars hands, with heads-up and short-handed play against the likes of Viktor Isildur1 Blom, Ben Sauce123 Sulsky and the following hand against Malaysian billionaire poker fanatic Paul patpatman Phua a nice reminder that kings don’t always run into aces!

His biggest single pot of all on PokerStars, however, saw him take over $200k from that other online beast – Timofey Trueteller Kuznetsov – and it was PLO once more that topped the list…

So, Dan Bilzerian can shout all he wants about winning more than Dan Cates at poker – given that he started with a reputedly ill-gotten $100million trust fund and plays against fellow whales in private games – but any poker fan worth his salt knows who the real poker playing beast in the jungle is!


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