Taking on the High Rollers with partypoker’s Kristen Bicknell

Playing massive buy-in events may not be something many of us get to do, but watching and reading about how the biggest stars in the poker world deal with $million decisions, thankfully, is!

By: Andrew Burnett

partypoker’s Kristen Bicknell has a new blog out, and her first share is an excellent insight into three of the biggest hands she played on her maiden voyage into the world of Super High Roller tournaments…

Dealing with the ‘Fear Factor’

With a €25k buy-in, €700,000 up top and only 8 players left at the partypoker MILLIONS in Barcelona last year, Kristen found herself in a very difficult spot against Adrian Mateos

“One of the first things that anybody will tell you about playing poker is that you need to detach from the money that you’re playing for,” says Kristen.

She explains further: It’s a recipe for tilt if you’re thinking about the money while playing poker, especially in high rollers."

Watch the hand yourself and then check out Kristen’s deep analysis on her blog; ICM implications, trusting your instincts and overcoming the ‘fear factor’ are all in there – and one of the best ways to improve your game is to reflect on the big decisions you had to make.

“I found the correct fold this time, and I can say it was one of the tougher spots I had on a final table this year, and it’s these types of high pressure decisions that make poker and competing at this level so fun."

Technique and logic and…

Her second hand comes from this January’s $100k Challenge at the Aussie Millions, with Cary Katz as the opponent.

When you read Kristen’s analysis, look at how she describes things; “I’m a bit suspicious”, “I’m pretty surprised” and, with millions watching live streams and reporting, “I had to turn off any worry about how things might look to viewers”.

It’s clear that it’s not all GTO theory and robopro logic, even at the highest stakes – but the combination of excellent poker technique and “deductive reasoning” as Kristen describes it will make you a far better player.

Crazy hands at the top of the poker tree

The partypoker pro’s third hand was her first ever 100k, the previous one being Aussie dollars.

From the €100k WSOP Europe SHR, it sees Kristen faced with another nasty decision, with, as she admits herself, “not the ending I hoped for”. Just as in the game of chess, analysing painful losses as well as glorious wins is crucial for a player’s development!

Kristen says: “This hand is a fun one just to show how crazy hands can be even at $100k’s, and I can feel good about busting this way."

Check out Kristen’s new partypoker blog HERE and Kristen asks fans and followers to leave their comments on her Twitter and Instagram!


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