When Sam Trickett Found The Online Cash Games Too Tr1cky

English highstakes crusher Sam Trickett went from pub poker to winning $20million+ in tournaments and playing some of the biggest cash games around, but his stint as an online player was far from the onwards and upwards rise seen everywhere else in his poker career.

By: Andrew Burnett

Compared to many of his peers, Trickett’s 150k or so hands online can hardly be considered a huge sample, but with opponents such as Daniel jungleman Cates Tom durrrr Dwan, Hac trex313 Dang and Phil OMGClayAiken Galfond it’s still worthy of a look-see…

Let’s start with Trickett’s Full Tilt alter ego, S3 TRX, which kicks off late in 2008 and eventually ends with a none-too-pretty $400k+ loss by the summer of 2015…

Of course, playing PLO at stakes from $25/50 up to $300/600, that’s barely a blip in the highstakes poker world that saw Gus Hansen chuck $20million down an online drain and the likes of Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius win that amount. To give you an idea of the nerves required to play the biggest games, here’s a sweet river against Jungleman Dan Cates that kept Trickett from edging closer to the -$½million mark

Moving on to Sam’s PokerStars nom de plume, tr1cky7, and we can see double the hands played in 5 years or so after Black Friday - but it still ends in a loss for the Englishman…

Hardly doom and gloom for the man who was well on his way to poker stardom, and at one point it looked as though he might be heading for crusher status online too.

The autumn of 2012 saw a sharp upward trend in his cash game graph – just months after his massive $10million windfall for coming 2nd in the Big One for One Drop at the WSOP.

It wouldn’t last for Trickett, however, and despite huge pots such as this one against Ilari Ilari FIN Sahamies

…he lost $500k of that profit spike before the year was out, and the rest would follow as he struggled with his part-time play against the world’s biggest crushers of the online game.

Of course, as an overall poker player Trickett is up there with the very best – and his online life was reborn with the launch of Trickett’s Room on partypoker, as well as a ‘real-life’ version in the Dusk Till Dawn Casino in Nottingham where Sam learned his tournament and cash game trade.

So, Sam Trickett may not have crushed the online cash games back in the day, but he more than made up for it everywhere else!


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