Alex "OutFoxenYou" Foxen Wins Another ACR $200K GTD for $61,920

Something about the last Sunday of the month seems to bring out the best in Alex OutFoxenYou Foxen as he won the $1,050 buy-in $200,000 GTD at Americas Cardroom in both March and April.

By: Charles Rettmuller

Yesterday's victory added $61,920 to Foxen's bankroll after he outfoxed 288 entrants vying for $288,000 in prize money. That win comes on top of the $58,050 first place prize from the March 31 tournament.

For good measure, Alex also binked an $80K GTD High Five Series event during the month of April for a more modest $19,272.60. Incidentally, the  $1.3 million GTD High Five festival featuring 25 events paid out $1,736,378 in total prize money.

In winning the $200K GTD, Foxen overcame the efforts of Parker "KKtexasdollyKK" Talbot ($27,360) and "SmashedAvocado" ($38,160), who finished 3rd and 2nd, respectively.

1 OutFoxenYou $61,920
2 SmashedAvocado $38,160
3 KKtexasdollyKK $27,360

In other ACR tournament news from Sunday, the guarantee was smashed in the $150K GTD Warm Up 8-Max when 2,305 entrants kicked in the $109 buy-in, resulting in a $230,500 prize pool. Payouts went to the top 270 slots, with "Tuton" claiming the title and $37,571.50.

Five-figure scores were had by the top five finishers. "BIGBOSS300" (5th, $10,833.50) and "nvrsirius19" (4th, $15,028.60) were among them.

1 Tuton $37,571.50
2 silskyer $27,867.45
3 IfHeDiesHeDies $20,814.15

The $125K GTD Sunday Special also saw heavy participation yesterday. A $200 + $15 entry fee attracted 832 entrants who combined to create $166,400 to play for.

The biggest share of that prize money was earned by "TicketAccount", who emerged as the victor to pocket $30,534.40. The event was streamed live on Twitch by Michael "FerrisBuuueller" Loncar, who finished 3rd for $16,473.60.

1 TicketAccount $30,534.40
2 SpeedofSound $21,798.40
3 FerrisBuuueller $16,473.60



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