Canada Crashes The Global Poker Sunday Majors Party

The Canadians are coming! That was the Sunday cry on Global Poker as British Columbias Juanfromrunescape bagged the SC$10,200 top prize in the Sunday Scrimmage, ahead of a swathe of chasing US-based players…

By: Andrew Burnett

The SC$218 buy-in, SC$50k guaranteed flagship Sunday major on Global Poker drew 215 runners, which meant that 36 players would be guaranteed a min. cash of SC$375, but the 4- and 5-figure payouts at the top were what everyone was chasing.

New York regs were in the mix as always, with RasMac falling in 9th and state-mate Dadxfour finishing in an excellent 3rd spot, worth SC$5650.

As the 6-hour battle for top honours raged to a climax, ILoveTomDwan probably also loved his 4th place prize of SC$4250, which left Canadian cousin Juanfromrunescape to slug it out with Urab1gac3h0le.

Question of the day is not who won the heads-up battle, but rather how long did it take you to decipher that name?

Yes, poker can be fun in the silliest of ways at times – and Global Poker’s community-focus seems to be one of the main reasons they are doing so well as a quite unique US-facing site.

Back at the table, and the Iowan couldn’t find a big ace in the hole, unfortunately – settling for 2nd spot and a whopping SC$7500 cash, with Juanfromrunescape taking the Sunday Scrimmage title and SC$10,200.

1 Juanfromrunescape SC$10,200.00
2 Urab1gac3h0le SC$7,500.00
3 Dadxfour SC$5,650.00
4 ILoveTomDwan SC$4,250.00
5 Paddijean SC$2,900.00
6 DurdyDurden SC$2,250.00
7 Trump_ SC$1,750.00
8 Donkeyfish1967 SC$1,250.00
9 RasMac SC$975.00

Earlier in the day there was the no-small matter of the Sunday Teaser to whet the appetite, SC$25,000 guaranteed for a SC$110 buy-in and 224 entries chasing a top prize of over SC$5k.

No Canadians running deep in this one, but players from as far afield as California and Maryland found themselves fighting it out at the final table, and keeping friends, family and followers alike updated…

The ‘poker pills’ worked just fine for Anthony, as the software developer from Baltimore took 4th place and SC$2125 for his fine effort.

When Felixingenium fell in 3rd place and walked off with SC$2825, it left BucYeah and California’s BrokeMogul to play for the Teaser title and the best part of SC$10k, the latter eventually seeing off his rival to bag the trophy and huge cash.

1 BrokeMogul SC$5,100.00
2 BucYeah SC$3,750.00
3 Felixingenium SC$2,825.00
4 Pokerpills SC$2,125.00
5 Exyi SC$1,450.00
6 Rivertranced SC$1,125.00
7 Invisiblehand SC$875.00
8 Ephie SC$625.00
9 Duckandrun SC$487.50

So, another Sunday on Global Poker and another brace of big winners! Join us again next week to see who won the majors and who ran the winners close.


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