Jungleman Dan in Playboy Bunny Strip Poker Win!

It’s a table like you have never seen before, with Daniel Jungleman Cates at the centre of the action, looking as though he is already won the strip poker version of the World Series!

By: Andrew Burnett

Posing like a cross between baller Dan Bilzerian and a meditating hippy Charlie Carrel, Jungleman’s preparation for the big games ahead looks a bit unconventional to say the least.

…but with rumours of JunglemanDan winning big in Cannes, the French Playboy bunny celebrations seem like the perfect send-off for a man soon to face the world’s best in Montenegro this week – that’s if he survives explaining matters to his girlfriend of course…

We’ve certainly seen Gus Hansen in vodka-fuelled pics of degeneracy, but from Jungleman it’s perhaps a trifle unexpected, although he seems to be bearing up well under the pressure! And it’s a lot of pressure…

With rumour having it that his relationship is an open one, he may yet survive to tell the tale behind the naked can-can in Cannes.


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