Luigui66369 made a sick comeback

If you are looking on the results from yesterdays Texas Holdem NL session you can see that Luigi66369 (Patrik Antonius) loosed alot, he was down almost $300k.

But luckely he had some very nice sessions on Omaha instead, he started with a nice session where he won about $100k, other player which were doing nice in this session was Bacina and TerrorOfSweden and the player who lost most was durrrr.

Open straight draw vs top two pair, $82k pot
durrr had a tough day, he got outdrawed in alot of hands, $95k pot
TerrorOfSweden doubled up vs durrrr, $99k pot

Then early this morning we had a new very sick sessions mostly between Ziigmund and Luigi66369. Ziigmund joined the table with $40k and Luigi66369 had a $149k stack since his earlier sessions. But Ziigmund actually manged to win some big pots and at one point the stacksizes was $173k to Ziigmund and $58k to Luigi66369, but what can you say, just look on these hands:

After this hand Luigi66369 was unstoppable, $116k pot
Largest pot this sessions and a pretty strange call by Ziigmund, $227k pot
Another nice hand this time against bacina, $86k pot
Last pot between Ziigmund and Luigi66369, $80k pot

Luigi66369 left the table with a $451k stack and if you are looking on both of the sessions his total profit on this table was $411k, very nice work Patrik!



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