Big Players to the Fore in Global Poker Sunday Majors

The players – and the playas – were out in full force for Global Pokers Sunday Majors yesterday, on a day when some of the sites most recognisable names ran deep in the Sunday Scrimmage and Sunday Teaser...

By: Andrew Burnett

Gary Playa takes down Teaser title

With 215 entries and an SC$25k guarantee, the battle for the Teaser crown was a tough one, thirty-six making the money and SC$187.50 – but with all eyes on the SC$5k+ top prize.

The final table once again saw a wide range of states represented on the US-facing site – New York, California and Florida regs and recs occupying positions 9 through 7 for sweet paydays.

There was a distinct ‘southern’ drawl for the next three to bust, Tennessee’s SmnLikDat, Georgia’s RAHGDEBS and North Carolinan Pokerplayer79 all securing four-figure cashes – the latter as we will soon see going on to bigger and even better things in his Global Poker Sunday grind.

When GrinderStax ground his stack into the table, it was an excellent 3rd spot and SC$2825 for the Maryland man, leaving Nevada’s ColdBrew and Texan Gary Playa to fight it out headsup for top honours.

The Texan golf fan sank his opponent’s title dreams, ColdBrew having to settle for the SC$3750 runners-up cheque, while Gary Playa waked off the final ‘green’ with his SC$5100 and a Teaser title trophy to show off.

1 Gary Playa SC$5,100.00
2 ColdBrew SC$3,750.00
3 GrinderStax SC$2,825.00
4 Pokerplayer79 SC$2,125.00
5 RAHGDEBS SC$1,450.00
6 SmnLikDat SC$1,125.00
7 TheBigDiamond SC$875.00
8 Viklor87 SC$625.00
9 Steelbigben SC$487.50

Pokerplayer79 lifts the Sunday Scrimmage title

The Global Poker Sunday Scrimmage was another exciting affair – the flagship SC$50,000 guaranteed tournament attracting a nice round 200 entries at $218 apiece.

With an SC$375.00 minimum cash the first aim, again there would be thirty-six taking home the money, but the final eight would be looking at four and figure scores.

ShoeStoreClerk, Poiuyt, Pokerplayer79 and thegoldenblazer are all names that regular fans and readers of the Global Poker tournament results pages will recognise, the latter famous for his livestreams of GP tournaments – yesterday another to add to his growing collection…

With a 4th place finish and SC$4250 cash, Brian has his sights set on the upcoming Global Poker Rattlesnake series, and he says you’re all more than welcome to join him on his TwitchTV poker adventure!

Down to three in the race to the Sunday Scrimmage title, New York’s Vchilala couldn’t quite keep up the pace, bowing out for an excellent SC$5650 Sunday payout…

…and it was pokerplayer79 who would cap off a tremendous day’s play, taking the SC$10,200 top prize and Scrimmage trophy to add to his earlier big cash – New Jersey’s Hankspankman pocketing the runner-up cash of SC$7500.

1 Pokerplayer79 SC$10,200.00
2 Hankspankman SC$7,500.00
3 Vchilala SC$5,650.00
4 Thegoldenblazer SC$4,250.00
5 Poiuyt SC$2,900.00
6 Stonergirl SC$2,250.00
7 ShoeStoreClerk SC$1,750.00
8 Conebudz SC$1,250.00
9 @ChipsMaxwell SC$975.00

That’s it from Global Poker’s big Sunday for another week, but you can keep up with all the action via their Twitter page and check out what’s going on at


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