Interview With Marc 'PlayinWitDreams' Kennedy

Marc PlayinWitDreams Kennedy is one of those strangely successful poker pros who skipped the micro stakes entirely, jumping from local pub league poker to 400NL online crusher in a matter of months.

Largely self-taught, Marc’s work ethic and unrivalled passion for the game saw him land a Full Tilt Ambassador’s role, and his TwitchTV streams and coaching prowess showed just why he was one of the most feared Rush players in the game.

HighStakesDB caught up with the man who can boast over $1million profit in online cash games to find out just why he is making a return to the game he loves, and why HighStakes will be his new home

Q; So Marc... where have you been?

I stepped back at the end of 2017 after an insane few years that dramatically changed my life for the better. I worked so hard for so long I needed to rebalance, so I’ve been getting in shape again and taking time to find new passions - rock climbing being my current obsession.

Q: Many players have 'retired' but come back to the game. What is it which makes it hard to keep away from?

It’s hard to leave the competition, when you’ve competed at the highest levels there is this fire inside that won’t go out, it needs to be stoked.

Q: You are best known for being one of the biggest RUSH winners and a Full Tilt red pro. We all know how FTP ended...what were your thoughts on it?

I don’t think Stars ever gave FT a fair chance, everything felt heavily constrained and good ideas weren’t carried forward how I wish they had been. There were some great people at FT with good ideas but they never had the chance to implement effectively.

Q: How important is it for a poker/life balance? How long did it take for you to get it right?

During my career I never got it right. When you get paid per hour instead of a flat wage, and you have the drive I do, you’ll always end up working more than is balanced.

Q: What other interests do you have in your non-poker life?

Right now rock climbing, weight lifting, stock/forex/crypto-trading and I’m pretty into this Apex legends game on PS4.

Q: What was your RUSH win rate at 400nl? How much do you miss those games?

It varied a lot over the course of my career, I was around for nearly ten years all up, depending on my skills and amount of tables I was playing. At my peak I consistently took 7bb/100 from the short-handed Rush games but when I was grinding 300k hands a month it dropped to about 1.5bb/100.

Q: Who are 3 poker players you admire and why?

  • Phil Galfond - guy is a genius and always struck me as a decent human.
  • JustForFunds (Sean Nolan) - lots of people won’t know who he is but if you know you know.
  • Isildur - the epitome of no fear.

Q: What do you think about PokerStars?

That feels like a loaded question: pre-Amaya they were a beacon in the industry – post-Amaya not so much it seems.

Q: We see you have signed with HighStakes. How did this come about?

I like their focus on players and fair rake. Poker for me now has to be fun and other sites don’t seem to focus enough on that anymore.

Q: Does this mean we will see you playing in their nosebleed games? We recently reported on the epic 100/200 game Tony G played.

I’m going to need a minute to get up to speed again but I love the action, I love pitting myself against the field and finding out who’s best, so if the games run it’s going to be hard not to sit 😉

Q: What can players expect from HighStakes?

A company who values their custom and tries to encourage a fair, affordable and fun poker experience.

Q: Thoughts on live poker?

It has its place in the world but online is my home and it always will be - live poker is like going to the cinema, it’s fun sometimes but you wouldn’t do it every day. Online poker is more like Netflix.

Q: Name 3 things you hate about the poker world.

  • The arrogance and attitude shown towards recreational players.
  • Lack of inclusion – poker is a very white male world which means we lack diverse views, I think that hurts the industry more than people realise.
  • High rake.

Q: Name 3 things you love about the poker world.

  • I’ve met some of the most intelligent and interesting people in this community - there are some special people amongst the crowd.
  • The competition - I just thinks it’s so pure to pit your best strategy vs someone else’s and find out who’s best.
  • The freedom to walk your own path - working for yourself has its pros and cons but when I look back on my life I have succeeded and failed based primarily on my own decisions, that’s something that means a lot to me. Not everyone gets the chance to be who they really are - poker gave me that chance.

So, PlayinWitDreams is back in town, and hopefully it won’t be too long before he shares a table with the HighStakes legends such as Tony G – and we might see just how long Luke _FullFlush1_ Schwartz can last online when he has some serious opposition!


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