Hellmuth Reveals His Secrets For Tournament Success

Phil Hellmuth has taken to Instagram to explain to his supporters exactly what his secret is when it comes to three decades of winning poker tournaments. In his typical self-congratulatory way, the 54-year-old American basically told everyone what they already knew anyway.

By: Mark Patrickson

This secret knowledge being that we are all supposed to be looking at what everyone else is doing and coming up with a counter strategy.

“I want to find a way to beat whatever they’re doing.”

Talk about a lesson in stating the bleeding obvious.

“The reading ability is what sets me apart. It enables me to devise strategies that other people can’t use.”

Nothing like being humble, eh Phil?

Fifteen World Series of Poker bracelets is a fantastic achievement that cements him into 17th place on the all-time live tournament winners list. Nevertheless, there has been plenty of criticism along the way.

His manner at the table has often crossed the line into plain rude behaviour that isn’t becoming of a professional sportsman. As far as his 15 bracelet haul is concerned, Hellmuth also plays constantly during the series with the aim of increasing his tally, rather than seeking out the best opportunities. He also can’t play cash games at all compared to the status he holds in the game.

Phil will always be Phil. Nobody is trying to say he’s a bad person, but sometimes he does lay it on a bit thick and this frustrates some people.


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