Negreanu Names Live Tournament Losers

Daniel Negreanu seems to be doing his best to annoy the poker community this year, the PokerStars ambassador this week naming the four world-class players he thinks may be stuck – despite having $67million in tournament earnings between them.

By: Andrew Burnett

Topping the list of possible losers according to Dnegs is Isaac Ike Haxton, the 14th winningest player all-time in live tournaments with $25,948,295 and in most people’s books one of the best in the world.

However, with an “average for last 4 years of about $5million buy-ins, Daniel thinks Ike may be struggling to break-even.

The DATPoker Podcast question came from co-host Adam Schwartz“How far down the top 100 money winners list do you have to go to find a losing tournament player?”

This prompted Negreanu to go through the Hendon Mob top 100 “with a fine toothcomb” and he “found 4 names who very well could be stuck”.

Negreanu’s naming of Haxton, along with German highstakes pro Dominik Nitsche, as well as super high roller regulars Sean Winter and Dan Shak, hasn’t gone down too well so far…

Nitsche himself didn’t seem too put out about it, although there was surely sarcasm in his response, leading Negreanu to apologise for any offence caused

…but he wouldn’t get off so lightly when the poker fans got involved, a back and forth exchange seeing neither side shifting their stance…

To be fair to Negreanu, the question has been posed many, many times over the years – big buy-ins skewing the results and nobody quite sure who is winning how much each year, or lifetime.

“The numbers are just inflated so much…they are obviously going to dominate the money-winners list”, said Negreanu, and he’s certainly not wrong.

…but that didn’t seem to hold much weight with some, the feeling that such public naming could be detrimental to the players’ future backing

If it had been anyone other than Negreanu holding court on such a subject, the response may have been different, but somehow the PokerStars ambassador has a way of rubbing people up the wrong way with his very public pronouncements. Recent spats with a number of fellow pros mean that this story may yet have some way to run.


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