Taser Challenge? Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari Heads-Up

They have won more than $50 million on the MTT poker tables combined, but money isn't the main reason why Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari are contemplating a heads-up match.

By: Charles Rettmuller

More enticing to each is that the winner gets to taser the loser.

The Poker Brat and The Magician have been discussing such a contest via social media. Both apparently have a desire to see the other feel that sudden jolt of electricity that's typically reserved for unruly alleged criminals at the hands of law enforcement.

Neither poker pro has ever been accused of criminal behavior - as far as we know - unless you consider constantly berating your opponents or pissing under a poker table, as criminal.

Esfandiari has proposed this challenge to the 15-time WSOP champ for quite some time. Phil has never been inclined to accept, but indications are that he may be coming around. Is he looking for a spark to propel him to a 16th gold bracelet this summer?

In addition to the right to taser the loser, it's likely that the pair will be playing for high stakes as well. Antonio, of course, holds the record for the largest single score ($18,346,673) throughout the history of poker.

Esfandiari recently beat comedian Kevin Hart in a three-round boxing match, temporarily quieting the outspoken funnyman. Will a taser also be enough to silence Hellmuth? Stay tuned.


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