Tony G ‘Qualifies’ in Triton Poker Main Event Showdown with Richard Yong

We re up all night to get lucky was the song in the Triton Poker teams head, and the lyrics matched Tony Gs mood when he qualified by gambling that his small pocket pair were enough to take on Triton Poker founder Richard Yong…

By: Andrew Burnett

For anyone watching the livestream from the Maestral Casino on the coast of Montenegro, there was barely time to catch your breath between the clash of massive hands, perfect flops, dangerous turns and – as we saw with Daniel Jungleman Cates – brutal rivers.

Naturally, the mercurial Lithuanian legend hit the flop perfectly – and Yong was pretty much committed to getting his stack in with his pocket 10’s looking pretty given the low board.

As the runout unfortunately bricked for the man who has turned Triton Poker into the biggest and best super high roller experience for players and fans alike, Tony G’s usual humour shone through with his ‘qualified’ joke.

The big players and even bigger hands didn’t stop with Guoga’s perfect flop, however, with this 3-way all-in just one more remarkable play in a day of perfect poker viewing…


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