The Printer Lifts Global Poker Rattlesnake Open Sunday Title

Another weekend of Rattlesnake Open action on Global Poker saw a huge win for one of the sites regular big tournament challengers, Pennsylvanias Mooooooooooooo, and an even bigger one for Arkansas The Printer…

By: Andrew Burnett

The Rattlesnake replacements for the big-money Sunday Scrimmage and Teaser brought the players out in great numbers, starting with a crowd of 317 for the afternoon SC$25k Guaranteed Championship event.

A final prizepool of SC$31,700 was the result, but there was also the Global Poker Tournament of Champions spots in the mix – winners and runner-ups going forward to the series finale that will the one player crowned and looking forward to a SC$5k live tournament package.

So, plenty to play for as the final table took shape, some 45 others having already turned their SC$110 buy-in into at least a min. cash of SC$158.50.

First to hit the rails was Roopwyatt@Gmail.Com, but you don’t need to email your commiserations as the Oregon grinder took a blow-softening SC$542.07 for his fine run.

The fierce battle eventually came down to just three, and Pennsylvania’s CoupDeGras was the unfortunate one to miss out on the Tournament of Champions spot, although a SC$3,328.50 payout will allow him or her to buy into plenty more Global Poker tournaments.

The top two were familiar names to Global Poker fans and followers, Penn state’s Mooooooooooooo already boasting of a 3rd place in the Sunday Scrimmage back in January, while Texan beast Jabroni Crusher having a Sunday Teaser title to his name, also from January.

This time the crusher couldn’t finish the job and had to settle for a runner-up position worth SC$4,517.25, the entry into the ToC a nice bonus. For Mooooooooooooo it was a title and SC$6,067.38, the biggest win of his many Global Poker adventures to-date.

1 Mooooooooooooo  SC$6,067.38
2 Jabroni Cusher SC$4,517.25
3 CoupDeGras  SC$3,328.50
4 8COLEWORLD4  SC$2,536.00
5 Eleveneleven  SC$1,775.20
6 Charles Francis Xavier SC$1,347.25
7 Ohnoitsgrego  SC$1,030.25
8 B17forsale  SC$713.25
9 Roopwyatt@Gmail.Com SC$542.07

The evening’s entertainment was the flagship SC$50k guaranteed Sunday Scrimmage replacement event, and here we saw 290 runners and an extra SC$8k to be fought over, with a min. cash worth SC$348.00.

Making the final table was worth a four-figure score alone, and even though WowLucky may not have felt it when he busted in 9th, the Bay Stater’s SC$1,044.00 was an excellent result.

As the blinds rose and the bustouts came thick and fast, there were soon only four…with the Global Poker social media team picking up on the downsides of the email approach of yet another player…

…although the Massachusettsan would be laughing all the way to the bank with his SC$8,410.00 cash and a spot in the Tournament of Champions, losing out heads-up to the new Rattlesnake Open Champion, The Printer.

The Arkansas Global Poker fan bagged SC$11,194.00 as well as a Champion’s Pack and his ticket to fight for the potentially life-changing live tournament package.

1 The Printer SC$11,194.00
2 Bertarcand@Gmail.Com SC$8,410.00
3 Conebudz  SC$6,380.00
4 8COLEWORLD4  SC$4,785.00
5 StretchyClaws  SC$3,306.00
6 Tbart12  SC$2,552.00
7 Cutler27  SC$1,972.00
8 Tdubz224  SC$1,392.00
9 WowLucky  SC$1,044.00



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