Phil Hellmuth's Tips to Beginning WSOP Players

Phil Hellmuth has taken to his soapbox to give out some tips for aspiring World Series of Poker players. It can not be easy heading to Nevada for the first time as a player, so Hellmuth feels a few tips are in order to smooth out the ride. Speaking to he gives out his top five.

By: Mark Patrickson

Take Shots - Hellmuth feels that you’ve got to give yourself as many chances as possible, within your bankroll constraints, of course. He is known for playing non stop the whole series, but fails to see that this is not realistic for most people, including pros.

Embrace the Grind - There’s no doubt that you’ve got to love the long hours at the table. Why do it otherwise? Hellmuth reckons playing at least five $1,500 buy-in tournaments over 10 days should do the trick. If you don’t have the stomach for the grind you’ll never know if you can cut it or not.

Be a Nice Person - "I have a reputation for being a nice guy...Some young players aspire to have that...A huge amount of poker players are happy for me when I win." Difficult to know where to begin here! Hellmuth is famed for being a narcissist, as well as his condescending diatribes, but yeah, it’s nice to be nice, isn’t it? Still great advice.

Keep Tilt External - As above, Hellmuth probably knows more about this than anyone who ever played poker. That said, in recent years he has been frank about his efforts to improve in this area. We should applaud this and highlight that it is indeed a good tip for anyone heading to Las Vegas.

Be Serious About Your Legacy - He couldn’t resist it, could he. The narcissist in Phil can only ever focus on how many WSOP gold bracelets he has, and what his peers think about him. "...because I'm the greatest poker player, but more likely it's because I started the positivity movement. I feel a responsibility to inspire the world and part of me inspiring the world is doing things that people say isn't possible."


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