Winfred Yu Tells All About High-Stakes Poker in Asia And the Future of the Triton Poker Series

Chinese poker star Winfred Yu has been speaking to Lee Davy about how the poker landscape is changing across Asia. The Hong Kong native - resident in Canada -  was in bullish mood about what he is witnessing, particularly when it comes to the future of the Triton poker series.

By: Mark Patrickson

Yu was upbeat after winning the HK$100,000 Short Deck in Montenegro and seemed to be enjoying himself in the HK$1 million - with rebuys - Short Deck Main Event. Short Deck Hold’em is seen by the Asian players as a great equaliser. Obviously so many now caught up in the Asian poker boom, are late to the party and simply don’t have enough hours in the day to realistically catch up to the world’s best.

The Triton series, Yu hopes, will be a vehicle to promote Short Deck Hold’em across Asia, once all the tournament licenses have been sorted out. For now, only Manilla in the Philippines and Jeju in South Korea have the red tape taken care of. Yu doesn’t see there being any problem in Cambodia or Vietnam and hopefully Macau can be taken care of soon.

Macau might well, in Yu’s opinion, be the epicentre of an Asian poker revolution if a Short Deck tournament license can be obtained. There are more than one million Chinese viewers of the Triton series. Just imagine if they can take the short hop to Macau to shoot for glory themselves.

It may also be necessary for some changes like this to get some momentum going again. Yu says the high-stakes NL games are drying up because the players are now good enough to realise that the western pros just have too much of an edge. Whereas in the Short Deck games all of the players are still finding their feet as to what is a call or a shove.

It’s new and exciting. Hopefully Winfred Yu and Paul Phua can continue their great work and use this great Triton Poker series to secure the game’s future long term. With the support of so many Asian players the future will indeed look bright.


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