Phil Ivey Joins Masterclass

Phil Ivey follows in the footsteps of Daniel Negreanu and creates a poker Masterclass course to share his secrets with the world.

By: Jose Aguilar

During the boom years, many regarded Phil Ivey as the best all-around poker player. At 42 he has 10 WSOP bracelets and over $26 million in total live earnings, putting him 12th in the all-time money list. Now he has partnered up with Masterclass to teach people how to play poker. Perfect start for future casino online crushers.

If you’ve been on YouTube without ad block, you know that poker courses are nothing new. Between RunItOnce, Upswing Poker, Raise Your Edge, etc, one can make the argument that the market is saturated. This isn’t even the first poker Masterclass course, former PokerStars spokesman Daniel Negreanu has a course himself that’s still available on the same site.

What makes this news so strange and exciting, however, is that Phil Ivey is the last person most would expect to be willing to share his knowledge.

Besides being one of the most successful poker pros of all time, Ivey is known for being a very private individual. Unlike other pros during the boom years, he was not open to interviews and didn’t seem interested in having more TV time than what he was contractually obligated to have.

“I come from a generation where the good players knew that talking about a hand and helping someone to improve was a big no-no.”

Why would someone so cagey create a course to teach others about his game? Is however much Masterclass pays its instructors enough to be worthy of Ivey’s time? Is he at a point where teaching how to play poker is more profitable than playing poker?

All valid questions this course is unlikely to answer, but it might give you interesting tricks and tips from one of the greatest poker players of all time.

The $90 course list includes:

  • Phil’s Journey
  • Preflop and Blind Defense
  • Betting Tactics
  • Bluffing
  • Postflop, Part 1 & 2
  • Deepstack Play
  • The Mental Game
  • Table Image and Tells
  • Phil’s Strategies for Success


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