Gus Hansen Calls Out Jungleman

Everybodys favourite high-stakes legend, Gus Hansen, is in Las Vegas ready to kick off his summer with a bang. The only problem was though, nobody was around to give him some action.

By: Mark Patrickson


Challenge extended! @junglemandanpoker

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Hansen was sat waiting in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio Casino crying out for somebody to come and play with him. He even went as far as personally calling out Dan “Jungleman” Cates.

“Jungleman: Come on down!”

He was right when he said that he can’t make it a great summer by himself. Bobby’s Room is the epicentre of high-stakes cash game action in the city and if the usual crew are not present then it is going to be a disappointing few months.

Over the last week it does look as if things have picked up nicely for Hansen. While we don’t know who he was playing against, he did report that it was “another good day in Bobby’s Room”, and that it was, indeed, going to be a great summer, after all.


Don’t forget the White Russians!

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Stay tuned for more updates on the exploits of Gus Hansen during the World Series of Poker.


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