Record-Breaking $439,000 Pot at Live at the Bike

High stakes cash game action at its finest was on display during a live stream at Live at the Bike recently as a couple of LATB regs created a massive $439,000 pot that broke records for the largest ever.

By: Charles Rettmuller

A $100-$100-$200-$400 cash game produced tons of action, especially during the featured hand that saw 'Andy' dealt Q-10 offsuit, 'Garrett Adelstein' A-K suited, and pocket 9s for 'Jacky'. Andy opened for $1,300 and Garrett three-bet to $4,800, which prompted calls by Jacky and Andy.

Also seated at the table were the likes of Art Papazyan, Dan Zack, and 2018 WSOP Main Event champ John Cynn. They watched the hand unfold as the flop revealed Q-6-9, giving Andy top pair and Jacky a set 9s.

Checks all the way around kept the pot at $15,300 until the dealer turned over another queen on fourth street, resulting in a set of queens for Andy and a full house for Jacky. Watch the video below to see how the hand played out, with $439K eventually landing in the middle of the table after the river card hit the board!


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