Big Guaranteed Tournaments are Back at Americas Cardroom

It is business as usual at Americas Cardroom following a software update as the big money guaranteed MTTs returned to the regular Sunday schedule and resulted in some nice scores for the winners.

By: Charles Rettmuller

Among those winners was "Schrutefarm" who topped 181 entrants in the $200K GTD to claim first place prize money of $45,000. The event turned out to be a rarity at ACR Sunday Majors - an overlay - as the $1,000 + $50 buy-in created a $181,000 prize pool.

ACR kicked in the lacking cash that enabled runner-up "alexbel" to win $27,000. He was among 36 players who shared the $200,000 in prize money, with the three best listed below:

1 Schrutefarm $45,000
2 alexbel $27,000
3 spidey34 $20,600

The guarantee was reached in the $150K GTD Warm Up 8-Max as 1,573 entrants combined to boost the prize pool to $157,300 after buying in for $109. The top four finishers claimed five-figure paydays, with "mozart528" ($26,347.75) grabbing the title and the largest slice.

The payout field was cut off at 180 players with "mikole" missing the cut in 181st place. Certainly not missing out were "boxerisr" and "matacobra" who landed in 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. Their prizes are posted below:

1 mozart528 $26,347.75
2 boxerisr $19,473.74
3 matacobra $14,786.20

The Sunday Special, featuring a $200 + $15 buy-in and $125K guarantee, attracted 665 entrants yesterday. The late registration period of 15 levels and a maximum of 3 re-entries contributed to that total that saw the prize pool reach $133,000.

The Winning Poker Network account of "wywrotX" is $25,004 larger today after binking the Sunday Special, outlasting the likes of runner-up "KinzBAE" ($18,340.70) and "Shermanatorr" ($13,433).

1 wywrotX $25,004
2 KinzBAE $18,340.70
3 Shermanatorr $13,433



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