Poker Brat Hellmuth Raging at WSOP Misfortune

Phil Hellmuth had a horrible start to his WSOP campaign and he was not shy about letting everyone – including his opponents – know just how lucky and undeserving they were!

By: Andrew Burnett

That tweet was the mild version, the live updates from the Rio via PokerNews giving us some detail on the Poker Brat moment as he crashed out of the $50k buy-in High Roller at the hands of Chance Kornuth

‘As Hellmuth mumbled some curse words to himself, Kornuth finally chimed in. "I usually blame the dealer too when that happens."

Hellmuth replied: "I'm not blaming the dealer, it's just fucking bullshit. I had you trapped. You didn't deserve to win the pot."

Kornuth, however, retorted in spectacular fashion: "There's one thing I've learned in my poker career, Phil. Something that obviously you haven't. You never deserve anything."

Deserved or not, Hellmuth rebought for another $50k and lasted precisely 2 hands, losing house over house to Ali Imsirovic and storming out with the words "I'll remember this one, Ali".

The tears and misery for the 15-times bracelet winner still weren’t over, as Phil exited two more events on perhaps the worst day of his WSOP career

Fans, followers and haters alike were quick to question some of Phil’s play, but an amusing silver lining appeared on Twitter to get Phil smiling, at least temporarily…

Phil was at least in good company as he left, Daniel Negreanu joining him on the rails later as his pocket queens were coolered by Ben Heath’s kings.


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