Jungleman Arrives in Vegas to Take on Gus Hansen

Bobbys Room has become a dangerous place for Gus Hansen it seems, with Daniel Jungleman Cates flying in to Vegas with a mission to relieve the Great Dane of everything he owns…

By: Andrew Burnett

Last week saw a lonely Hansen sitting in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio Casino with no-one to challenge in his hotly-anticipated ‘great summer’ of high-stakes cash games. Calling out Jungleman, however, may have been a case of be careful what you wish for.

The double-barrelled Instagram response from Jungleman Dan would strike fear into the hearts of most, but Hansen is nothing if not cool under pressure.

Playing $2k-$4k with the likes of Brian Rast, it wasn’t just high-stakes poker on the menu as he waited for hitman Cates to arrive. Offering 100-1 odds on the NBA finals result could have seen Gus forking out $120k


Go GSW - just not 108-105 @tsarrast @pragress

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…but although he managed to avoid a big loss on the basketball game, it was a subdued Gus who shared the good news/bad news afterwards…


Great summer.... is just around the corner

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When Cates finally appeared, however it was a happy Hansen who caught the King of the Jungle in a familiar pose…


Will @junglemandanpoker get yet another massage?

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…and it may take a while for the nosebleed beasts of poker to finally settle the question – it will be a great summer for sure, but for who?


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