Scott Clements Lifts 3rd WSOP Bracelet and $144,957 in $1,500 Dealers Choice

Today saw Scott Clements take down his third WSOP gold bracelet, a full twelve years after his last one, scooping the $1,500 Dealers Choice title and a $144,957 payday.

By: Andrew Burnett

The 6-handed mixed game tournament attracted 470 entries, producing a prizepool of $634,500, and as usual offered some 20 variants for players to choose from it was their shout.

For Clements it made little difference which game was on the table, explaining afterwards to PokerNews that he varied between picking "what other people looked like they didn't really want to be picked," and that, "Sometimes, I'm just lazy and picked whatever the last person picked."

His closest challenger for the title, Tim McDermott, stuck as close as possible to the big PLO and NLHE games, the others at the final table generally cruising between the draw games to find a small edge.

When it came to the heads-up between Clements and McDermott, it would be 4-card poker most of the way, but the finale would come in NLHE.

Short-stacked, McDermott shoved his King-deuce only to find himself dominated by Clements’ K 10, the flop of 10 K 10 meaning that only the case king could save McDermott’s title hopes.

When the board bricked, it was Clements’ third bracelet, and his favourite of the three, adding, “I got three kids so now I can give them all a bracelet!"

Final results

1 Scott Clements $144,957
2 Tim McDermott $89,567
3 Michael Ross $58,718
4 Naoya Kihara $39,377
5 Wes Self $27,027
6 Benny Glaser $18,996



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