Dimitrios Michailidis Overcomes Early Bulgarian Dominance to Win PokerNews Cup High Roller

Dimitrios Michailidis prevailed over an 89-player field to claim the 2019 PokerNews Cup High Roller tournament, earning a prize of €23,025 for his work. The Greek star entered the final day in which four of his fellow players were Greek, with one Bulgarian remaining in the final six. Bulgarian poker players dominated the opening stages of the tournament, with a Bulgarian sitting atop the daily leaderboard for each of Day 1a, Day 1b and Day 1c.

Ivan Ivanov started strongly at the Finix Casino in Kulata, Bulgaria, with the native star shining on the first day as a field of 28 players was whittled down to 12. Ivanov accumulated an impressive 631,500 chips in a day’s work, setting the benchmark for the following days. It was a benchmark that could not be surpassed, with Marcel Galustov’s 614,500 and Momchil Vutev’s 547,000 on Days 1b and 1c, respectively, falling short of Ivanov’s amount. It is clear that the Bulgarians were enjoying the conditions in Kulata.

However, only Galustov reached the final six, ultimately claiming an impressive third-placed finish. Dimitrios Dimitros claims the most remarkable tale of the first days of action; having blown his starting stack of chips, Dimitros bought back in with great success to finish second behind Ivanov for his day’s play. The Greek player continued with his bold strategies to finish sixth in the overall standings at the conclusion of the competition. That dramatic reversal of fortune exemplifies the magic on offer at these poker tournaments.

That kind of rags-to-riches story is rarely found to occur in sport in such a short space of time. In online poker, for example, the same level of drama and payout is rarely found. However, the range of no deposit bonuses on offer compensates for this, giving players a boost upon signing up to a new site. Watching his pile of chips disappear, Dimitros probably wished that he had stayed at home and utilized such a no deposit bonus.

However, Dimitros remained true to his strategy of aggressive play and lived to fight another day at the Finix Casino. Physical tournaments can provoke emotional play as the participants sit face to face, especially at these types of competitions in which many of the players will be familiar with one another. This fate befell Dimitros, but the bold move to buy back in paid off as he triumphed on the big hands.

Home conditions are perhaps not as influential in poker as they are in other sports, making it noteworthy to see these three Bulgarians come out firing. However, the nature of poker meant that it was always unlikely that each of these players would sustain their supremacy from the start to the finish of the tournament. Michailidis may have won bigger prizes in his time on the poker tour, but the hard-fought nature of the tournament will make his victory one to cherish.


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