The Biggest Game of the Year Left Us Needing More

Triton Poker has begun a review of their high-stakes cash game action from Jeju, South Korea. The game was clearly the biggest publicly available cash game in the world at the time, probably only beaten by the private games populated by Chinese businessmen in Macau. These games also see some of the worlds best players being invited.

By: Mark Patrickson

Episode 1 was a bit of a damp squib, if we’re honest. That isn’t a criticism by any means, it’s just the way the cards fell. The table was full of recognisable names from the western world along with Asian talent such as Liang Yu.

Tom Dwan is famed for his ability to inject excitement into the dullest of spots, but, alas, he fell a bit flat here. Jean-Robert Bellande was vocal for periods, but couldn’t find much to keep himself occupied.

The owner of the Dusk Till Dawn casino and card room, Rob Yong, was also present. He knows all about keeping a cash game interesting to keep the players sticking around for as long as possible. There just wasn’t any really interesting spots to be found in this session.

Other notable names from the game are Andrew Robl, who can be found playing huge cash games anywhere in the world. Bobby Baldwin, Poker Hall of Fame inductee, was also playing.

With a starting pot of $4,500 we definitely expected to feel some adrenaline. Maybe the reason for this is that short deck rules have been so prevalent in the Triton Poker series. Once we fall back to normal rules somehow things just don’t create the same buzz.

The biggest pot was $234,900, and there were two more around $200,000, but nothing insane. Nobody came close to being stacked. All being well, episode two will see a return the the fighting poker action that we are used to from these great players.


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