Phil Ivey Makes 2019 WSOP Event Debut

Some people make grand entrances, others make a big noise when exiting, but somehow Phil Ivey miraculously just appears when he visits Vegas, and this time was no different…

By: Andrew Burnett

It’s a rare sighting of the 10-time bracelet winner, Ivey no longer a regular at the year’s biggest poker shindig, but for one ‘lucky’ player – Jeremy Heartberg - it was the poker day of his life as he found himself trapped in an Ivey/Hellmuth sandwich!

Ivey had jumped into the $10k Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or better Championship tournament, along with Hellmuth, Heartberg and 180 others, but unfortunately none of the trio would be walking off with a cash.

One witty Twitter fan had just the right song for Heartberg, although perhaps the jokers and clowns might take exception to the description…

Naturally Heartberg made the most of his draw, and although the dream would have been to send both of them to the rail and have a tale for the grandkids, he did the next best thing

Ivey did win the last longer and nursed a short stack as well as he could, but ultimately it was ten spots short of the money for the non-Poker Brat version of Phil.

Hopefully now that he’s in Vegas we will be seeing much more of Ivey, the legendary pro sorely missed by poker fans.


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