Coyotes81 Snares SC$10,200 Global Poker Sunday Scrimmage Victory

Christmas came early for Global Poker reg Coyotes81 yesterday, the Ohioan with the Santa Claus avatar scooping the Sunday Scrimmage title and a whopping SC$10,200 after defeating the delightfully-named ThePoofer heads-up for the victory.

By: Andrew Burnett

The World Series of Poker may be hogging the headlines just now, but for the Global Poker faithful it was another big-money Sunday grind on the mind, 228 players paying SC$218 each for a shot at glory and a share of the guaranteed SC$50k prizepool.

As we have come to expect, the Global Poker streamers play a big part in the US-facing site’s community approach to the game.

3rd-placed Matthew Alli – aka FR3ShxMatT out of New York – gave a big shout out to his fans and followers for railing him on Brian TheGoldenBlazer Frenzel’s stream…

Alli’s excellent SC$5650 score meant a cracking Sunday celebration was on the menu, but it still left the Scrimmage title and some SC$17,700 to be fought over.

When the ace-king of Coyotes81 held up against ThePoofer and his AJ, it was all over – the latter pocketing SC$7500 as runner up, while Coyotes81 took the top prize of SC$10,200.

1 Coyotes81 SC$10,200.00
2 ThePoofer  SC$7,500.00
3 FR3ShxMatT SC$5,650.00
4 Mooooooooooooo  SC$4,250.00
5 CarolinaHardcoreExtacy  SC$2,900.00
6 Supreamdream  SC$2,250.00
7 Hrsmith9  SC$1,750.00
8 BeKindRewind  SC$1,250.00
9 A-Aron49x SC$975.00

A Sunday on the Global Poker tables wouldn’t be complete without the SC$25,000 guaranteed Teaser, and this weekend saw a healthy 222 entries for the SC$110 buy-in tournament.

As always it was a hard-fought affair, with 36 players in the money over the 5 hour playing session, a min. cash worth SC$187.50.

GodsBigToe is becoming a familiar name on the site, and yesterday made another deep run, 4th place worth a cool SC$2125 to the Nevadan.

When Missouri’s Chitown fell in third for an SC$2825 payout, we were left with North Carolina’s cleverly-named ErroneousMunK facing the amusingly-titled Texan AAAssesUP heads-up for the Teaser title.

Humour defeated smart this time round, AAAssesUP calling the tune and walking off with the SC$5100 win, but ErroneousMunK has to be congratulated on putting up a great fight – SC$3750 his just reward.

1 AAAssesUP  SC$5,100.00
2 ErroneousMunK  SC$3,750.00
3 Chitown21  SC$2,825.00
4 GodsBigToe  SC$2,125.00
5 Simsalabim  SC$1,450.00
6 Sn00py  SC$1,125.00
7 Aces3xx  SC$875.00
8 Undead Kitty SC$625.00
9 Unibohrens  SC$487.50

We’ll be back next Monday with another Global Poker Sunday roundup, but in the meantime you can learn all about the fastest-growing US-facing site here.


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