Global Poker Rattlesnake Open II TofC Champ Claims $5K Package

Near misses in previous poker tournaments created a desire in Fernando KanyeTrump2020 Guerra to finally win an online poker title and the Texan did precisely that, nailing a Global Poker Rattlesnake Open II SC$4,500 GTD event before also taking down the Tournament of Champions.

By: Charles Rettmuller

The prize for winning the TofC is a $5,000 package to play at a live poker event of the player's choice. Guerra hasn't yet announced where he plans to represent Global Poker with his winnings, but is leaning toward staying within the Lone Star State.

“I just love Global Poker," Fernando said. "It’s the only place I play right now. Yes, I live in Texas and I have a couple of other options, but I chose Global Poker because so far my experience has been great and the customer service is literally the best I’ve ever seen."

Social Poker with Cash Prizes

Guerra's not the first player to have expressed such glowing sentiments about Global Poker. The social poker site that pays out real cash prizes has developed a loyal following among recreational US players.

That following can be attributed to a heavy presence on social media, especially Facebook, which is where Guerra was introduced to the growing poker room.

“I kept on seeing Facebook ads and I was a little confused because there was a local poker club here in town with a similar logo and name," KanyeTrump2020 stated. "Then when I realized Global Poker is online, I thought, ‘Oh wow, I need to check this out.’ I went to the website, I created my account and screen name, made a purchase and checked it out.”

Guerra is certainly happy that he did, his purchase of Gold Coins eventually leading to $weeps Cash scores, most notably the $5,000 prize package for topping the field in the Tournament of Champions. With the memories of that victory forever etched inside his brain, Fernando recounted the event:

“It was a fun tournament. I feel super blessed and lucky! I was on fire the whole tournament. I did get lucky in a lot of spots. I threw in some skill, but you can’t win without luck too. I couldn’t believe it when it happened.”

Winning Ways

KanyeTrump2020 also shared his winning strategy, revealing what it takes to come out on top among a field of social poker players. He added:

“The Tournament of Champions seemed surreal. I was getting amped up, psyched about it and very excited. My strategy was to build up a huge stack lead straight off the bat in order to have a chance and you have to play aggressive and a little loose, make a run for first place as much as you can. It worked. Sometimes you have to loosen up a little bit and play as well as you can with the cards you’re dealt.”

Guerra will soon be dealt plenty of cards at a live poker event, decked out in Global Poker attire and playing on their dime. Go to to see what other promos and offers are available at the US-facing social poker room that's billed as America's fastest growing online poker site.


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