Former Main Event Champ Jim Bechtel Sets New Record With WSOP Title Win

The 1993 Main Event champ Jim Bechtel set a new record last night at the World Series of Poker in Vegas when he shipped the $10k No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw Championship – the 26 years between bracelets becoming the longest ever gap between WSOP wins.

By: Andrew Burnett

Bechtel’s $253,817 victory yesterday may not be up there with his $1million ME scoop from the 90’s, but it was proof that the old-school approach is still good enough to compete with the new generation.

The final table saw Bechtel joined by fellow oldie Vince Musso, as well as the likes of Prahlad Friedmann, Jean Robert Bellande and Darren Elias in a poker variant the winner described as "the toughest true poker game”.

As he explained to WSOP reporters afterwards: "A lot of the other games... the math comes in so much. In this game, it's the read of the player and the bluff because it's so difficult to make a hand".

Bechtel added: "Most hands somebody's bluffin' or somebody's callin' a bluff. Everybody's movin'. That's what makes it the greatest poker game."

Once the young – or at least younger – guns had been sent to the rails, Bechtel and Musso vied for the title heads-up, the Arizona cotton farmer depriving Musso of his first bracelet in a tough match.

"You know, when you get two-handed in these final tables, a lot of things happen," Bechtel explained afterwards. "You run bad, you're not gonna win 'em. You get a little lucky, you're gonna win it."

Bechtel’s new record broke the 24-year gap between the legendary Chip Reese’s 2nd and 3rd bracelet wins, his 1982 $5k Limit 7 Card Stud victory and the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. title in 2006.

Final Table Results

1 Jim Bechtel $253,817
2 Vince Musso $156,872
3 Darren Elias $109,738
4 Prahlad Friedman $78,157
5 Jean-Robert Bellande $55,693
6 Pedro Bromfman $41,897
7 Paul Volpe $31,556



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