Big stacks on the $50/100 tables

Yesterday we saw two very nice stacks on the $50/100 tables. The first one was the player Zupp3 (Peter Jepsen) which manged to get a $101k stack on Ladbrokes with a profit on $67, he won this money from deoroll.

zupp3_ bluff number 1
zupp3_ bluff number 2
But he also hit som very nice hands, $29k pot

The other player was El_Ladron which played a very long sessions on the table Champange on the prima network. He stopped his session with a $101k stack, and total profit on $95k, he mostly won this from kriga and Lampard89

Inside straight + flushdraw against TPTK, $20k pot
Both player hits two pair, $23k pot



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