partypoker Rolls Out Online Days 1 and 2 to Join Live MILLIONS Day 3

Aiming to attract more players to Live MILLIONS events, partypoker has revealed a new plan to host Day 1 and Day 2 action online that will send surviving players - who are already in the money - to Day 3 live action.

By:Charles Rettmuller

There will be plenty of time between Day 2 and Day 3 for online players to make necessary travel arrangements and to schedule a few days off work if need be. Day 3 will then commence against the live players who also survived the first two days of live action.

The concept is scheduled to be implemented for MILLIONS Europe that's set for August 9-18 at King's Casino in Rozvadov. It will also be in play at Live MILLIONS events thru January 2020.

This idea is experimental in nature and is designed to cut down on player expenses with less live days at a host venue, while also shortening the time that 9-5ers have to play hooky. The fact that Day 3 players have also reached the payout field is another bonus, with payouts already in the hands of players who transition from partypoker to live action on Day 3.

Dusk Till Dawn owner and partypoker partner Rob Yong explained how the concept will work in a short video:

Responses from players on social media have been overwhelmingly positive, applauding both the originality and the practicality of the idea. Said "ITTW" on Twitter:

"I like it and it's great to see you guys trying to innovate and trying to cater for the recreational players as well as the pros."

"Rob Yong, Sexton, and the entire partypoker gang are doing all they can for the players. Thanks for not just being obsessed with the bottom line. Carry on," stated Daniel Peter Leddy.

partypoker ambassador Patrick Leonard also chimed in: "I honestly love this so much. Travelling for say a 3k WPT to Vienna is hard to be profitable, if you just join from day 3 it’s amazing. I think for amateurs, recreationals, businessmen going to way prefer this and you can get huge starting days online with qualifiers."

Keep in mind, this idea is an experiment and if it doesn't turn out to be as positive as expected or if player feedback is largely thumbs down, the concept will be scrapped. But it sure looks good on paper and well worth a try!


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