partypoker Regular Wins First Ever $1 Million SPINS Jackpot

A $5 SPINS game at partypoker produced the sites first SPINS millionaire when the random jackpot landed on a massive 240,000x multiplier and James James23C Carmichael defeated two opponents to take down the $1,000,000 top prize.

By: Charles Retmuller

The Brit bought in for $5 on June 11 and was seated against “elielalbiter” from Mexico and Peruvian “nilverlobo” when the one in a million jackpot of $1,200,000 appeared as the prize pool. The trio battled it out for the top $1 million prize with the 2nd and 3rd place finishers guaranteed $100,000 each.

Hitting the rail first was nilverlobo, giving Carmichael and elielalbiter better odds of becoming an instant millionaire. On the 19th hand of the $5 SPINS game, that millionaire emerged in the form of James23C when he hit a diamond flush to defeat the set of sixes of elielalbiter.

In the decisive hand, James23C held Kd-9d while his Mexican opponent had pocket sixes. A flop of 6d-Th-4d had elielalbiter ahead with trips, but the eight of diamonds on the turn gave Carmichael the victory when a king on the river failed to produce a full house or quads for elielalbiter.

The new millionaire was ecstatic, turning a $5 investment into a cool million.

“My life will never be the same again," Carmichael joyfully said.

A low stakes MTT player and SPINS regular, James23C credits the £5 and £10 buy-in games at a university poker society for giving him his start in poker. An eventual leap to the world of online poker followed, and the choice of selecting partypoker as his poker room of choice has paid off handsomely.

Since his million-dollar windfall, congratulations from friends and family have practically been non-stop. Those well-wishers will have a chance to celebrate with the new millionaire before he makes a previously-planned trip to America.

Carmichael now has the wealth to extend that trip as long as he desires. But making wise investments is also on his mind, as is more SPINS action on partypoker.

Likely to also continue playing SPINS are nilverlobo and elielalbiter, as a $100,000 score is nothing to sneeze at. The excitement of a random multiplier producing a jackpot that can be anywhere from 2x to 240,000x a single buy-in at a three-handed Sit & Go tournament is certainly an attractive proposition.


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