John Gorsuch Scoops Millionaire Maker Bracelet And $1,344,930

John Gorsuch took the chip and a chair approach almost literally as he fought his way back from a mere two big blinds to capture the WSOP Millionaire Maker title last night – a $1,344,930 take-down that he described as the biggest day of my life!.

By: Andrew Burnett

This year had already been an amazing one for the 42-year old Virginian, finally selling his $multi-million company and moving to Florida and an RV home. Yesterday’s huge win, however, has put poker firmly in the ‘new career’ driving seat.

“I’m a poker player for right now,” he told WSOP reporters afterwards. “Poker is awesome. I can play poker all day, all night long. This kind of helps figure out whether or not I want to keep doing it”.

Gorsuch battled his way through a record-breaking field of 8809 runners in the $1500 event, scraping his way into the final table after being down to his final two big blinds – the final six guaranteed at least $266,771.

It was Japan’s Kazuki Ikeuchi who would make most of the running as the race to the Millionaire Maker title got underway on the fifth and final day, knocking out three of the half dozen remaining.

When he finally met Gorsuch heads-up for the bracelet, Ikeuchi had already sewn up the largest-ever cash by a Japanese player and guaranteed a jump to fifth spot in his nation’s all-time tournament moneywinners list.

The final hand was an ace-cracking finish to the huge tournament, Gorsuch hitting two pair on the turn against Ikeuchi’s pocket rockets, the river bricking for a historic win.

“I’ve not won an outright tournament since maybe 2013, a small bar-type tournament," a delighted Gorsuch explained, adding that a cruise he had planned for his parents 50th wedding anniversary would now be that much better: “I think now I’m just going to pay for everything. I’m definitely upgrading on that trip!”

Final Table Results

1 John Gorsuch $1,344,930
2 Kazuki Ikeuchi $830,783
3 Lokesh Garg $619,017
4 Vincas Tamasauskas $464,375
5 Josh Thibodaux $350,758
6 Cory Albertson $266,771
7 Bob Shao $204,306
8 Fabian Gumz $157,565
9 Josh Reichard $122,37



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