Michael Mizrachi Nails 5th WSOP Bracelet and $142K in Stud Hi-Lo

With a raucous rail cheering him on, Michael Mizrachi topped a field of 460 entries in Event #27: $1,500 Stud Hi-Lo to claim his fifth WSOP title and $142,801.

By: Charles Rettmuller

The Grinder pushed his lifetime cashes to $17,172,436, banking on his wealth of experience to get a good read on his opponents, especially at the final table.

"I feel like I had a pretty good edge on the players in certain spots where they probably wouldn't play hands," Mizrachi told WSOP reporters. "I played those hands where I know they're going to fold and that way I can win a lot of antes and bring-ins."

Coming to the final table as chipleader, Mizrachi lost that lead when Robert Gray sent Jan Stein ($29,818) to the rail in 5th place. Elias Hourani ($42,014) followed Stein, leaving Michael Sopko, Gray and The Grinder to fight for the title.

Sopko settled for third, losing all his chips to Mizrachi's full house and missing out on hitting the low hand. Third place prize money of $60,330 is the largest live cash of his career.

Like Sopko, Gray's poker resume is limited, having $25K in lifetime winnings before going head-to-head with Mizrachi. The final hand saw Gray ahead with a pair of kings on 4th street, but Mizrachi connected for two pair on 6th street, sealing the victory and sending Gray home with $88,254.

Final Table Results

1 Michael Mizrachi $142,801
2 Robert Gray $88,254
3 Michael Sopko $60,330
4 Elias Hourani $42,014
5 Jan Stein $29,818
6 Jose Paz-Gutierrez $21,575



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