Patrik Antonius Warns Community About Jailed Poker Scammer

Finnish poker legend Patrik Antonius took to Instagram last night to warn the poker community about Samuel Grassi – the serial scammer apparently now released from prison.

By: Andrew Burnett

Antonius’ Insta-story had originally accused Grassi of some very serious crimes on top of the scams Grassi ran, but by today they had been deleted – leaving only a warning montage of photos.

Fellow pro Sofia Lövgren added her own story of having money stolen by the 37-year old Italian…

…Grassi apparently swindling a huge number of poker players and others by claiming to be everything from a famous nightclub owner to a football manager.

Antonius warned the poker community that Grassi would use photos of himself with the legendary poker player to gain a person’s trust – something he was also alleged to have done using pics of Ronaldo.

Czech poker media reports claimed that Grassi had conned poker players out of 3.9 million Crowns (about $170,000) and received a 3-year jail sentence in 2017.

Patrik Antonius stated that Grassi had just been released from prison in France, the Finn clearly worried that Grassi would soon be back to his old tricks among the poker community.


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