Shaun Deeb Calls Out WSOP for Bad Ruling

Last years WSOP Player of the Year Shaun Deeb went on a Twitter rant last night, claiming that the decision to add an extra day to the $10k Dealers Choice tournament was awful, with fellow players abusing the system

By: Andrew Burnett

The bracelet event saw Deeb finish in second place behind Adam Friedman – who scored back-to-back wins in the event – but the outspoken New Yorker was far from happy.

In a PokerNews interview with Sarah Herring, Deeb bemoaned the decision which the majority of the five remaining players were against – only reigning champ and eventual champ Adam Friedman and Michael McKenna voting to come back the following day.

“They really just let two players bully them onto what those two players wanted,” said Deeb, unimpressed by Tournament Director Jack Effel’s decision.

Deeb stated: They hurt the integrity of the tournament, hurt the equity of the tournament by allowing them to pause and practice a game that no-one had called yet in the tournament”.

According to the structure sheet for the event, play was due to stop on Sunday when the tournament was down to 6 players, but that appeared to be overridden when a short-stacked Nick Schulman asked to play on, and was soon eliminated.

Deeb was keen to play things out to a finish, however, but after returning from a break was told the session was over – play to resume at noon on Monday.

According to, Deeb then stormed out of the playing hall, complaining: “We’re not playing because it’s the dumbest f*****g reason ever.”

Later, on Twitter and then in Deeb’s interview above, it was claimed that McKenna and Friedman wanted to brush up on their 5-Card Draw skills, with fellow final tablist Matt Glantz also unhappy at the WSOP decision…

For Deeb, the carry-over session meant missing two events and late-regging others – affecting his chances of his own ‘back-to-back’ Player of the Year titles.


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