How Poker Skills Can Be Applied to Online Slots

Other than their presence in most physical and online casinos, poker appears to have little in common with slot machines. No deep observation is required to determine that poker is a card game with an emphasis on strategy, whereas slot machines have very different mechanics and an outcome decided by a random number generator. Yet there are still transferable skills that poker players can take into the world of online slot machines.

Choosing the right game

Both poker and slot players should choose a venue where they think they may have the greatest edge possible. In terms of poker, a player must decide whether they perform better under the scrutiny of physical tournaments or in the faceless world of online poker rooms. If a player knows they struggle with pressure, online could be better. If a player is a good reader of opponents, then physical tournaments would be a more suitable environment.

Online slot players have to choose to play via the internet (the clue is in the word ‘online’), but they still have some important decisions to make about which provider to use. While a slot player cannot gain an edge over a machine, they can still give themselves a boost by selecting the online casino with the most attractive sign-up offer. The complete list of free spins at CasinoWings shows the extent of offers that players have to consider, with these no deposit bonuses giving players an edge when it comes to bankroll management.

Managing the bankroll

This is perhaps the greatest skill that a gambler can develop, whether as a casual online player or a regular attendee of professional tournaments. Developing a staking plan based on a bankroll is crucial. A poker player will have a reliable idea about how much they should stake based on the strength of their hand, weighing up their probability of victory with the threat to their overall bankroll.

As the odds of victory remain constant between spins, a slot player generally develops a completely consistent staking plan. Some players may decide to bet 1% of their total bankroll, irrespective of whether they’re on a losing or winning streak. Just as poker players have to evaluate the monetary risk with each hand, slot players have to make bankroll decisions before playing. It is important that both slot and poker players stick to limits set before they play the game.

Control emotions

Steady bankroll management makes it easier to control emotions, another crucial part of both games. In poker, the power of emotion is more noticeable. This is particularly true in physical tournaments, where players can be prone to tilting after an opponent has got into their head. Emotions can also rear their head during a winning or losing streak. A player may become overexuberant in a winning streak and bet as if the good times will never end. Conversely, trying to get out of a losing streak can lead to impulsive staking decisions.

When a poker player lets their emotions rule, they lose their strategic edge. The same is true in online slots. Getting carried away on a winning or losing streak can be perilous to a bankroll, while a player may lose sight of the game mechanics. Just as a poker player knows that sometimes the cards won’t fall their way, a slot player must remain calm and aware of the unchanging odds of the machine.

While the mechanics of poker and slots may be very different, the skills of choosing the right game, managing a bankroll and controlling emotions are applicable to both classic casino pursuits.


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