Weird and Weirder as Main Event Rocked by DQ’s

Yesterday witnessed one of the weirdest WSOP Main Event days in the history of the great tournament, a mix of brutal bustouts, disgraceful disqualifications and legends of the game playing in storage rooms!

By: Andrew Burnett

The third starting flight of this year’s ME had started normally enough, although the massive numbers this year saw some unusual surroundings for the likes of Sam Greenwood and Phil Ivey

Ivey’s Main Event discomfort would last less than one level, however, as he got his stack in on a flush draw against Joseph Chang’s top two, the board bricking for the legend – game over!

There were two ‘non-poker’ bustouts that rocked the Rio, the first of them seeing Russian player Georgii Belianin win a hand and…simply rake in the unattended stack to his left as a bonus.

Worse, or crazier if you like, was to come. Main Event meltdowns happen from time to time, but as far as we know nobody has ever shoved all-in blind, dropped his pants and then thrown his shoe at, or at least towards, the dealer and his opponent as you can see in the opening tweet…

Of course he was escorted off the premises by police, locked up for the night and had a psychiatric evaluation carried out…or rather, apparently not, because just a little later at the Luxor Casino

OK, how about some actual cardplay and news?

William Nine High Like a Boss Kassouf provided some, an unfortunate reprise of his infamous 2016 bustout – kings versus aces and Will was off to check his privilege once again

Former Main Event champ Joe Cada was another to hit the rail, kicking off the day with the ‘shuffle up and deal’ and later seeing a semi-bluff not getting through -  Joe having to be called back to play the fumes he was left with, but to no avail.

Throw in an earthquake that had the players scurrying off on an early dinner break, add in the single biggest number of players in a Main Event opening flight and yesterday will be one to remember for a long time to come!


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