Poker Pro Wins €20,000 In His Hot Tub

Theres a huge online PLO game running full of top players, so you prepare well and set up your grindstation to make sure you bring your A-game! Or, as Marc PlayingWitDreams Kennedy prefers, you lie back in your hot tub with a mobile and simply crush it!

By: Andrew Burnett

Jumping into the deep end of the €100/200 PLO cash game on HighStakes not long after returning from a three-year break from the game might not be the greatest +EV approach to poker, but Marc had a simple plan…

“I ran so hot it’s honestly hard to comment on the other players they didn’t stand a chance vs my luckbox that day”, Marc revealed in a HighStakes blog interview recently.

The former Full Tilt red pro and site ambassador cleared $1million in cash games alone before the iconic site had its doors slammed shut, and for Marc it was time for a break.

As he explained to HSDB in an interview earlier this year: “I stepped back at the end of 2017 after an insane few years that dramatically changed my life for the better."

Marc added: “I worked so hard for so long I needed to rebalance, so I’ve been getting in shape again and taking time to find new passions - rock climbing being my current obsession”.

That current obsession seems likely to be overtaken once again by the highstakes grind – though hot-tub play doesn’t really fit the ‘grind’ tag!

A tweet was all it took to get him back in the game this week: “The sun was shining and I was chilling in the hot tub. I saw @real_highstakes post on Twitter there was a big game running so I started railing it”.

That, naturally, led to him taking a seat and his subsequent €20k sun-run scoop, the atmosphere resembling a ‘live’ game at times, with Marc spotting some old friends at the table, explaining: “There are quite a few players from FT on HighStakes now”.

And next for the pro who ‘playswitdreams’?

“I should probably retire undefeated at the 100/200 tables,” says Marc, adding the inevitable poker ending, “but fuck it I’ve got a few more bullets to fire now, don’t I?”


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