Gus Hansens' Indecent Exposure During Bobby's Room Game

While Ken Strauss was being booted out of the Main Event for dropping his pants in the Rio, across the street at the Bellagio poker legend Gus Hansen was dropping his – but for entirely different reasons!

By: Andrew Burnett


When you are going to dinner, but really don’t want to miss a hand in Bobby’s Room!

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Gus as always was knee-deep in a huge cash game in Bobby’s Room, although in this next hand he was merely an observer to the $250k, three-way all-in…


4K-8K in Bobby’s Room - in case you were wondering - this is a BIG game!

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…and it was great news for fans of the Great Dane when he decided to give the $10k Main Event a shot as well…


WSOP main event or not?

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…and Gus was true to his word after a “rough, rough day in Bobby’s Room”, promising to play fast and bluff his table…


WSOP main event here we go!

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That plan brought him some serious trouble, his stack dwindling early on at an alarming pace, finding himself all-in and at risk in the following hand…


First hand day 2 - should I stay or should I go?

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Gus is a born survivor, though, and somehow managed to battle his way through to day four – and still in with a shout at the $10million top prize

…while still managing to act like a true legend of the game along the way


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