TheGoldenBlazer Runs Deep in Global Poker Sunday Majors

Global Pokers big Sunday grind seems to be growing every week just now, yesterday seeing 525 players vying for the two biggies – the Sunday Teaser and the Sunday Scrimmage – a combined SC$75k in guarantees the main draw…

By: Andrew Burnett

The US-facing site kicked off with the Sunday Teaser, long-time Global Poker streamer Brian TheGoldenBlazer Frenzel deep among the prizewinners…

Frenzel was one of three Illinois grinders who made the final table of the SC$110 buy-in tournament, Kotcers and PJ9 taking 8th and 5th respectively for excellent Sunday paydays totalling more than SC$2,000.

Oregon’s Maysville picked up 4th place and SC$2112, and when Frenzel fell in 3rd for SC$2816 it was heads-up for the Teaser title between Idaho’s Jay Wolf and Justagrill playing out of New York.

The New Yorker emerged victorious to lift a SC$4940.80 top prize, with 2nd spot worth a cool SC$3712.

1 Justagrill SC$4,940.80
2 Jay Wolf SC$3,712.00
3 Thegoldenblazer SC$2,816.00
4 Maysville SC$2,112.00
5 PJ9 SC$1,459.20
6 AngryMucker SC$1,126.40
7 Jlangham01 SC$870.40
8 Kotcers SC$614.40
9 Dldup81379 SC$460.80

Sunday evenings on Global Poker see the flagship SC$218 buy-in Sunday Scrimmage take centre stage of course, 269 entries this week producing an SC$53,800 prizepool with the top 45 min. cashing for SC$322.80 and a final table run worth at least SC$968.40

It was another Illinois player, Donkosaurus, who would take that 9th spot payout, and by the time they were down to five it was SC$3k guaranteed in a tense final table…

With fifty times the buy-in up top, and bragging rights from bagging the Scrimmage title, it would eventually come down to a heads-up battle between Alabama’s MrCharlie69 and Arkansas goldFishshark.

An open-ended straight draw for the Arkansas grinder wasn’t required on the river as the king was enough to bag the win – SC$10,383.40 to add to the bankroll, his opponent pocketing an excellent SC7,801 for an excellent showing…

1 goldFishshark SC$10,383.40
2 MrCharlie69 SC$7,801.00
3 Hifilorau SC$5,918.00
4 FlopScotch SC$4,438.50
5 MOESG SC$3,066.60
6 OhHIthere SC$2,367.20
7 Markeezy84 SC$1,829.20
8 Dorz SC$1,291.20
9 Donkosaurus SC$968.40

We’ll be back again next Monday with the Global Poker Sunday majors roundup, but in the meantime you can join the action on the fastest-growing site in the USA by clicking here.


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