Gates and Maahs Fall as Main Event Down to Just Three

Only three men are left standing in the World Series of Poker 2019 Main Event and either Hossein Ensan, Alex Livingston or Dario Sammartino will go down in the history books later tonight in Vegas, $10,000,000 richer in the process…

By: Andrew Burnett

Five players had returned for the second day of battle at the final table and it took three and a half hours to break the deadlock, chip stacks swapping hands before short stack Kevin Maahs made a stand…

Overnight leader Hossein Ensan called Maahs small blind shove, the players tabling…

Maahs: A♥ 10♥  
Ensan: 9♠ 9♥ 

When the flop came…

Flop: J♥ 5♣ 3♠

…Maahs needed some serious help, but the board bricked with…

Turn: J♠
River: 4♥

…and Maahs great run had ended in 5th spot, a $2,200,000 payout and plenty of memories.

It wouldn’t take long for Maahs to be joined on the rail, Garry Gates final a nice little pocket pair in the small blind, but running into Alex Livingston’s huge hand on his left…

Gates: 6♠ 6♣
Livingston: Q♠ Q♦

As with Maahs exit, the flop was of little help…

Flop: 5♠ 2d 7♥

…and when the board ran out…

Turn: 10♥
River: 10♠

…Garry Gates was headed to his rail, who were still chanting their favourites name even as the tears flowed…

Three remain, but there can be only one…but who will take down the ultimate title in poker?

Chip counts:

1 Hossein Ensan 326,800,000
2 Alex Livingston 120,400,000
3 Dario Sammartino 67,600,000

Final results:

4 Garry Gates $3,000,000
5 Kevin Maahs $2,200,000
6 Zhen Cai $1,850,000
7 Nick Marchington $1,525,000
8 Timothy Su $1,250,000
9 Milos Skrbic $1,000,000



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