Ensan Defeats Sammartino And Livingston to Win 2019 WSOP Main Event Bracelet and $10,000,000

Hossein Ensan is the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event champion, scooping $10million and pokers most coveted piece of jewellery after fending off Dario Sammartino heads-up for the title.

By: Andrew Burnett

Three players remained from the 8569 starters that comprised the second-biggest Main Event in history, and the prestigious title would be heading to either Germany, Italy or Canada.

German pro Hossein Ensan returned with the chip lead he had held for three full days, but both Italy’s Dario Sammartino and especially Canada’s Alex Livingston were deep enough in chips to make it a fair fight…and fight they did!

Sammartino, the focus of a controversial hand a few days ago, was resplendent in dress suit and bowtie as he attempted to claw his way back into contention, plenty of fans both live and online wishing him well…

He required a fair bit of luck to go along with his undoubted skill, however, but after rivering a flush to escape death at the hands of Ensan, he eventually he overtook Livingston in second with a very much-needed double-up by cracking kings.

This brutal hand was the beginning of the end for Livingston, who at one point had briefly overtaken Ensan for the chip lead. His end, when it came, was a classic dominated hand…

Livingston: A♣ J♦
Ensan: A♠ Q♦
Flop: 6♦ J♥ Q♠
Turn: 2♠
River: 9♦

Livingston had given it his very best shot, but his departure - with $4million in his back pocket - meant the 2019 Main Event was now heads up.

The Italian almost immediately bridged the gap, calling a big turn bet from Ensan and hitting the perfect 9 on the river, his two pair outgunning Ensan’s.

There was little to choose between the two experienced pros, but something had to give and when Ensan took the chip lead again, Sammartino could find no way through.

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

The decisive hand was befitting a battle for the ultimate poker crown, and saw Ensan raise out of the small blind, Sammartino coming along for the ride…

Flop: 10♠ 6♠ 2♦

Ensan’s continuation bet saw another call…

Turn: 9♣

And then a second barrel from the German saw Sammartino take the bull by the horns and shove all-in, the players tabling…

Ensan: K♥ K♣
Sammartino: 8♠ 4♠

The gutshot and flush draws gave Sammartino plenty of outs, but when the river fell…

River: Q♣

…it was Ensan who could begin his celebrations, Main Event champion and $10,000,000 richer!

Final results:

1 Hossein Ensan $10,000,000
2 Dario Sammartino $6,000,000
3 Alex Livingston $4,000,000
4 Garry Gates  $3,000,000
5 Kevin Maahs $2,200,000
6 Zhen Cai $1,850,000
7 Nick Marchington $1,525,000
8 Timothy Su $1,250,000
9 Milos Skrbic $1,000,000



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