Jungleman Reveals 5 Secrets To Beat High Stakes Cash Games

Jungleman Dan Cates came to Bobbys Room well-prepared to dupe his high-class opposition, the cheeky American looking at the long con as he faced Doyle Brunson, Scott Seiver and other legends in their habitual highstakes cash game in the Bellagio…

By: Andrew Burnett

Cates’ topflight poker ticklist might seem rather bizarre, but a man with a plan is a man likely to succeed, and here’s a rundown of what you need to topple the giants of cash game poker

  • Giant Fluffy dice
  • Fake sushi
  • An iPad
  • A ‘stupid’ Vegas snapback cap
  • $30k in cash

The most surprising of all these, of course, is the $30k in pocket change – barely enough to cover blinds, antes and straddles in one round of the biggest game of all.

Not nearly enough for this game…you can win or lose a BMW pretty easily…if you’re really lucky (or unlucky), you can win or lose a Lamborghini!” explained Dan.

Jungleman, however, was aiming to prove his poker mastermind status, the other props part of an, as yet undisclosed, ‘honest con’ in his bid to recoup some big losses.

As Dan explains it on his Instagram page: “You may think of poker players as sneaky con masterminds, but you can be a con mastermind too and not be raging scumbag!"

“Releasing the introduction to my CUTTING EDGE poker course for FREE: HONEST CONS! I’m going to go through the steps of the long con: a con that starts out slow and unassuming enough in the beginning, only to grab them by the balls in the end!"

Will Jungleman’s long con work out? We’ll be sure to let you know if Doyle and co. have to borrow the taxi fare home!


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