partypoker to Trial Real Player Names in Trickett's Room Online

partypokers latest idea will see a month of real names being used in highstakes cash games on the site, Rob Yong running a Twitter poll to gauge just how well the planned trial is likely to go down…

By: Andrew Burnett

The selected ‘real name games’ are just one of about fifty ideas the site is working on to improve the overall ‘Fairplay’ aspect of the game, and follows an enforced name change for all players last month.

That was to protect players from being targeted by bumhunters and those using hand histories and HUDs to keep tabs on opponents and their stats.

This newest move from the red diamond site, however, seems designed to level out the higher stakes – players now knowing if they are meeting a well-known pro or star of the game…

The poll seems to be well in favour of the idea so far, some 66% approving of the plan from almost 4000 votes cast, although some are worried about giving away their real identity online.

On the other side of the coin, however, were many who felt it was likely to be an added bonus to their own enjoyment of the game…

As with all of partypoker’s recent changes, site partner Rob Yong will be keeping a close eye on what is and what isn’t working, so whether or not the real names approach survives its August testing ground remains to be seen.


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