Jungleman Lays the $80k Bait in Big Game ‘Long Con’

Every great con starts with some bait, says Jungleman Dan Cates, and so far that bait would have been enough to buy a new BMW, according to the highstakes legend on Instagram…

By: Andrew Burnett

As we reported last week, Jungleman Dan turned up at Bobby’s Room in the Bellagio for the Big Game, but with a ‘Big Con’ in mind to separate his illustrious opponents from their bankrolls.

“A con that starts out slow and unassuming enough in the beginning, only to grab them by the balls in the end!" is how Daniel described his cunning plan, but it required a little extra besides the fluffy dice and fake sushi!

Part 2 of Cates’ ‘Honest Cons’ explains exactly what that little extra is – an $80k investment, as Daniel take on the role of Paul Newman’s Henry Gondorff in ‘The Sting’.

“The trap is set!” says our evil-but-honourable poker mastermind, explaining: “I’ve successfully and HONESTLY duped my opponents by 'tactically' losing a bunch of money to them. Will I continue to lose, or will they fall right into my snare???”

We already know that some of the legends of the highstakes game have had vastly different summers in Vegas – Gus Hansen happily sharing his huge Big Game win


The secret to winning poker is to cash out more than you bought in for ;-)

A post shared by Gus Hansen (@therealgushansen) on

…while Patrik Antonius was almost inconsolable after losing more than $500k,and more importantly a dear friend when his dog passed away…


Sometimes things don’t go as planned..

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…but whether Jungleman donated to Gus or took from Patrik isn’t clear yet. Remember, it’s a long con!


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