Negreanu’s VPN Thoughts Come Under Fire

Daniel Negreanus recent proclamation that the use of VPNs for online play might not be such a bad thing may have won over the masses, but not everyone agrees with the results of the Twitter poll he ran last week…

By: Andrew Burnett

Yesterday saw Haley Hintze take issue with KidPoker’s views on the rule-avoiding approach to playing, the well-known investigative journalist asking: ‘Why would one of the game’s most popular pros, Negreanu, openly advocate an activity that violates the rules of service of most of the world’s largest online poker sites?’

Daniel had stated in his Full Contact Poker blog‘If you follow the letter of the law, breaking the rules is cheating'.

He continued: ‘The next question for me is, who exactly are you cheating? You are cheating the US Government who is unjustly infringing on your ability to sit on your couch and play online poker’.

For many, that argument seemed fine - perhaps the kind of thing they want to hear – but for Hintze is was a red rag to a bull, the FlushDraw writer claiming: ‘…using a VPN to break a site’s rules and play online is elitist and self-serving literally by default'.

The scandalous case of Gordon Vayo was another bone of contention between two of the most experienced people in the poker world.

Vayo VPN’ed his $692,000 SCOOP victory, at first claiming he was in Canada and suing PokerStars for withholding his winnings, but dropping the action after he was found to have paid for forged documents, Vayo actually playing from California.

Negreanu dismissed the Vayo incident out of hand as irrelevant to the discussion

Hintze, however, accused Negreanu of ‘creating a false equivalence’.

‘All of the cheating, immoral, illegal acts were done by Vayo; PokerStars was just defending itself and its rights. Negreanu’s take is an extreme skewing of what went on in the Vayo situation’.

The lengthy and at times illuminating debate will doubtless rage on, but whether Haley Hintze will be part of Daniel Negreanu’s Twitter discussions is unclear.

She wrote, after hinting at the former PokerStars ambassador’s hypocrisy on many subjects, ‘I’m 5:3 to be Twitter-blocked by Daniel by this time tomorrow’. The clock is ticking.


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